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How to Determin the Fiber Optical Cable Size

24 January, 2014 (08:55) | Fiber Optic Accessories | By: fiberopticis

Quick identification of the exact size and type of a given piece of optical fiber is a routine but necessary task. If one has access to the fiber itself, the first step in identification is to remove any outer jacket material that may exist and carefully remove the plastic buffer from the fiber. (Note: If […]

What is Fiber Optic Couplers & Fiber Optic Splitters

29 December, 2013 (16:38) | Fiber Optic Accessories | By: fiberopticis

Fiber, connectors, and splices rank as the most important passive devices. However, closely following are tap ports, switches, wavelength-division multiplexers, bandwidth couplers and splitters. These devices divide, route, or combine multiple optical signals. Some of the most common applications for couplers and splitters include: * Local monitoring of a light source output (usually for control […]